And the best drink for summer is....

The scenario is gonna be the same every summer. You are by the beach , you are tanned and *fabulous*, you read your favorite magazine when the waiter comes and asks the difficult question.

"What would you like to drink? " 

You lower you face to watch him over your sun glasses and with you most anxious voice you say ... " Eeeeeem" 


It is hot and it is a busy time for the waiter, you gotta be fast! So , here are your choices and pick wisely. 

a) BEER 

Yes that's right , when you don't know what to drink, drink a beer. And don't start asking the poor waiter " WhAt BeErS Do YoU HaVe?". Just ask for the one you usually have. 

If you are not a beer person... here is option B

mojito drinks beach


I should finish my list here. Those are the two options that should be available on beach bars. I mean... lime, mint and rum makes the nectar that gods use to drink, if it was good for them, it should be good enough for you ! 

Okay maybe I overreacted about mojito but you have to admit it that any cocktail is a good choice 



For any of my friends that are not into alcohol just have whatever is refreshing for you. Grab a Cola and lay on the sunbed. Finish a milkshake under the umbrella. Enjoy your day. Either way probably you are the driver of the day and you are going to be the only one who isn't hangovered tomorrow.


Always drink responsibly and have fun! 


Till the next time..... CHEERS! 


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